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Tribe Strength & Fitness - GRAND OPENING!

After almost 9 months, Tribe Strength & Fitness is holding its GRAND OPENING on Saturday July 29th!! There will be food (taco truck, snow cones, etc), entertainment (martial arts demonstration, ribbon cutting ceremony), a workout (bring a partner for our 1000 Wall Balls workout), and just hang out and have a great. See what we are all about, seeing athletes both from our past, and from our future.

The event also doubles as a fundraiser for ACS (the American Cancer Society). Any group of partners who wish to participate in the workout will require a donation of $20 per person, all going towards ACS! If you do not wish to participate in the workout, we are accepting any donation you, your friends, and your family can give!

We look forward to seeing you there!! Check out our Facebook Event Page here:

Saturday July 29th @ 10am
425 Boulder Ct. Suite #300, Pleasanton CA 94566



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